Friday, January 6, 2012

Just Another Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer

“Nothing needs to be this lavish.”
– Mark Doty, from “Couture.” 

Nothing needs to be
this gorgeous, either, this particular
shade of a trade-ripped Prussian blue
Pacific, this chalk-dust-green of sheep
pasture gone to seed, grass so high,
the sheep disappear, except
for the springing lambs.  Nothing
needs to be this breezy, a cooling
wind sweeping beneath a belt
of heat, whipped off the sea, froth
of air, nothing needs to be this
steady, this certain, as ocean itself,
pounding the cliffs
into submission, soothing
the intense, black razors of
lava into egg-cups and basins
and begging bowls.  Nothing needs
to be at all, and still, God grant me more
of this, already, endless and

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